Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rocco the Cheesemonger


This week on my post for Di Bruno Bros., I interview Rocco Rainone, a guy who is probably Philadelphia's most active cheesemonger on Twitter. He masquerades as TomaDellaRocco, which is funny if you traffic in cheese (there's a mixed-milk called Toma Della Rocca).

Surprisingly, Rocco doesn't tweet about dairy very often -- you'll find him chirping about about bacon, saison, darts, Pauly Shore sightings, and what he's cooking. When he's not behind the counter at the Di Bruno Bros. on Chestnut Street, he's often at McCrossen's Tavern, where he hosts monthly cheese tastings.

After our interview, I set off to try Rocco's favorite cheese, Ticklemore. He called this his "final wish" cheese when I asked him to plan a Last Supper cheese board. Ticklemore, a British goat triple-creme, was glorious -- I'd never tasted it before. After I tried it, I could see why this was his fave...but you should really hear him describe it. 

Check out Rocco's interview over at The Di Bruno Blog.

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  1. Tenaya you are a font of USEFUL information. Rocco is super nice, I didn't know about the cheese tastings.