The Story

Who is Madame Fromage?

Madame Fromage lives in a tall brick house on a busy Philadelphia street with stray cats that rule the corners. If you knock on her door, you will find a fridge full of whiffy morsels, from Ardrahan to Winnimere, and piles of cheese books on her coffee table.  

Madame Fromage loves the beauty of cheese, especially stinkers. She thinks they are as lovely as cherry blossoms, just in a different way. On weekends, she invites friends over for port and Stichelton, and sometimes things get rowdy. 

On weekdays, Madame Fromage goes to work by train, carrying a tiffin of tidbits for her writing students and colleagues. They know she keeps a cheese cave under her desk. 

It's no secret.

Iher past life, Madame Fromage worked as a food editor for a weekly newspaper in Wisonsin, called Isthmus. She ate cheese on her lunch breaks and got to know the local dairy hounds. On Saturdays, she camped out at the farmers' market to buy raw milk cheddar from Bleu Mont Dairy.

When she moved to Philadelphia in 2005, she longed for a dairy lifeline. She found it at the Di Bruno Bros. cheese counter where the mongers were swarthy and crusty. 

Today she is a freelance blogger for Di Bruno Bros. and a regular ol' dairy courtesan. She pens a monthly cheese column for Grid Magazine and hosts tastings around the city. To read more of her work, visit:

If you’d like to drop her a note, Madame Fromage would love to hear from you. After all, what fun is it to eat cheese alone?