Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cherries and Cheese

Now that it's cherry season, we can do the unthinkable. As you can see, I have gone off my rocker by adding blue cheese and cherries to home-made chocolate pudding. This combination isn't for everyone, but if you love these three flavors, the tastes go together surprisingly well. Sweet, tart, and salty -- my best friends.

If you spot these Corvette-red sour cherries at the farm stand, don't walk away from a great potential cheese pairing. Cook the cherries down into a compote, and keep them in the fridge to garnish Bries and blues. They also come in handy when you want to make a cracking good Manhattan. The recipe below is glorious, and you don't need any Red #5.

Last night, I tucked some of these cherries into blintzes with a bit of farmer's cheese, and oh didn't we all cry our eyes out from joy? Let me tell you, one jar of tart cherries has turned our hot, hot house into a pleasure dome. Every time I open the fridge, the red glow of the cherry jar motivates me to cook -- or at least to rustle up a snack plate.
Try this cherry compote with a cream bomb, like Delice de Bourgogne, or a feisty blue, like Roaring Forties.

Cherry Compote
Adapted from epicurious
  • 1.5 pounds of sour cherries
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons corn starch
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 2 drops rose water (optional)

1. Remove cherry stones by hand. To do this, simply split cherries in half and dig your thumb under the pit. It pops right out. Then put the pitted cherries in a sauce pan with water, sugar, and corn starch and bring to a boil.
2. After 5 minutes, strain the cherries, reserving the liquid. Put the cooked cherries in a tall, clean mason jar and return the liquid to the stove.
3. Reduce the cherry liquid for about 10 minutes, so that the mixture is syrupy. Add rose water, if desired. Then pour the syrup over the cherries and seal the jar. Let cool, then refrigerate.


  1. Cheese and cherries. Want...cannot articulate...in...this heat..

  2. Beautiful! I don't think you're off your rocker at all :)