Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheese, Ale, and Jam Recap

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, perfect for tucking into jam, nibbling cheese, and sipping beer. Marisa of joined me on the back patio at Wedge & Fig, Old City's new cheese shop, for a little catechism. Since several of you wanted to be there but couldn't, here are a few photos along with a menu of our pairings. 

Later this week, Marisa and I will be posting about our upcoming Food Blogging Workshops -- we've got two (one for newbies, one that's advanced), and I've got details to share about my all blue cheese class at Tria in October. Click the links for a sneaky preview. More verbiage to come.

Now, for yesterday's tasting...

Humboldt Fog + Honey-Sweetened Apricot Lavender Butter
Walt Wit, Philadelphia Brewing
This iconic goat cheese from Cypress Grove’s Mary Keehn is layered with a line of edible ash, separating morning milk from evening milk. A light-bodied wheat beer with plenty of effervescence is perfect. So is a Sauv Blanc.

Delice de Bourgogne + Pear Vanilla Jam
Duvel Belgian Ale
One of the most decadent triple cremes, Delice is often served with Champagne, but a spritely Duvel does the job, too. In fall, serve Delice for dessert with dried cherries, pears, and spiced pecans. 

Epoisses+Cara Cara Ginger Marmalade
90-minute IPA, Dogfish
Meaty Epoisses hails from Burgundy, where 16th century monks developed this unique brandy-washed cheese. Try it before Thanksgiving dinner, served with crudité and a big beer with plenty of malt and hops.

Quickes Cheddar+Peach Chutney
Saint Botolph’s Town, Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project
Mary Quicke makes traditional clothbound cheddar at her home in Devon. Its sweet earthiness matches the malty caramel notes in this rustic brown ale made by gypsy brewers outside of Boston. Try the Duvel, too. 

Beemster Aged Gouda +Fig Jam
Bam Biere, Jolly Pumpkin
This Gouda-style cheese from the Netherlands is toasty and smoky, a good foil for for an artisan farmhouse ale made from wild yeast in Dexter, MI. You could also try a smoked beer or a stout.

Black Castello+Pickled Cherries
Life & Limb, Dogfish/Sierra Nevada collaboration
This friendly Danish blue made from cow and sheep’s milk is notable for its black rind. It has a supple, salty profile that stands up to dark beer, in this case an American Strong Ale sweetened with maple syrup. It’s strong (10% ABV).

Table settings w/ menus and tasting notes 
Beer selections, from local to far-flung
Pickled cherries, etc. in the Wedge & Fig kitchen

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