Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baked Feta with Dates and Honey

In winter, feta becomes an orphan, a forgotten cheese. Unless you’re basking in the Greek Isles surrounded by plump tomatoes and cukes, you skip over feta in favor of triple crèmes, butterscotchy Goudas, balsa wood boxes of Epoisses. Am I right?

I’m here to negotiate in favor of feta. If you bake it with honey and dates, you’ve got an easy appetizer, a succulent puff of briny softness, a winter warmer, if you will. I love an island of baked feta accompanied by dried fruit, a handful of walnuts, a sprig of thyme, and some homemade pita chips. To continue reading, please visit the DiBruno Blog.

Full disclosure: This is part of a freelance series I write for Di Bruno Bros. Twice a month, I select a cheese and develop a post for their blog. This is how I cover the cost of my dairy habit.


  1. Looks delicious and is a wonderful selection. All I need is a block of feta!

  2. Now this IS WHAT'S UP! Love the winter time feta flava flav. You are definitely bringing OPA back.

  3. Oh wow! move over Gouda - this feta feast for the senses definitely has the 'eatability' factor! Ax