Friday, January 8, 2010

Sexy Cheese Events

Many of you have emailed about my next tasting -- thanks for your interest! I feel the time has come to explore sexy cheese, and since the feast of St. Valentine's is nigh upon us, I'm planning a Cheese Board of Seduction for you on Saturday, February 13. The details are below. You're encouraged to wear fishnets, cheese cloth, etc.

Sexy Cheese Tasting
Saturday, February, 13, 4-6 p.m.
Quince Fine Foods, 209 W. Girard Ave (at 2nd Street)
$12/person; reservations appreciated

We will try aromatic cheeses, cheeses that need to be untied before they can be eaten, cheeses molded into suggestive forms. It will be subtle -- you can still bring children, as long as they don't mind being drizzled in honey.

Many thanks to Helen over at Philly Foodie for attending our November tasting and posting great photos. Click the linky poo to check them out.

* * *
If you crave cheese and you live in New Jersey (you know who you are), check out the grand opening of a fabu-dabu new cheese shop in Medford. Tomorrow night from 7-9 p.m., Candace Sporer unveils the new Carriage Trade Cheese Shoppe, at 32A South Main Street. Take a sweetie, and see if he's ripe to a really good Camembert or spotty blue, non?

* * *
You know I have a thing for George Perrier, owner of Le Bec Fin. Sadly, I'll be on a silent retreat with the Jesuits during his Loire-Valley Wine & Cheese Tasting on January 12. Go and nibble his ear for me, would you?

For more information, call David Smith at Le Bec Fin: 215-568-1151. If you get there early, order a bowl of artichoke heart soup at the bar. It's the one thing I long for on these long evenings in my cold house of mirrors and chandeliers.


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  3. Sexxxxyy Cheeeesseeee! Mmmmm xxx

  4. Elle + Mezz lurvvveeee sexxxyyy cheeesseee!!! xxx