Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mascarpone and Anchovy Toasts

From left: Triple Creme Queen, Blue Cheese Brit, Lady Chevre, Monsieur Fromage

Last night was a feast of cheese – it began with Mascarpone and paper crowns, followed by a toast to Montgomery's Cheddar (a favorite of the Blue Cheese Brit, who spent his first ever NYE in Philadelphia – usually he jets around). For the main course: Raclette, followed by a run around the block, then salt-caramel ice cream and chocolate torte.

The highlight, I must tell you, wasn’t the strong cheese. It was an unusual pairing I came across in The Cheese Primer for Mascarpone, anchovies, and Dijon mustard -- a specialty in Lombardy. Wouldn’t you know the combination was delicious – salty, creamy, with a bright snap of moutard to stimulate the nose hairs.

Usually, I am a Mascarpone-on-toast-with-jam lover; I swing sweet, rather than savory. But anchovies – Spanish Benfumat anchovies – and Mascarpone, ai yi yi, the combination forecasts…what? The Year of Savory Creamy? The Year of Milk and Fish? Or maybe just a growing ecclectic palate…seafood and cheese. Yes, it can be done.

Tonight, I am working on my Cheese List for 2011 – the wedges I yearn to try, the wheels I have overlooked. In the meantime, I am eating Mascarpone and anchovies. I thought I’d pass along the recipe for my new crush.

Mascarpone and Anchovy Toasts

Serving: 1

6 fresh anchovies (Benfumat brand)
1 green olive, minced
1 tiny clove garlic, minced
Scant teaspoon fresh red pepper, minced
Micro greens (for garnish)

Slather Mascarpone on the petit toasts – these are tiny, thin rusks. Top with an anchovy, folded in half. Add a dab of mustard. Sprinkle with minced garlic, minced olive, and minced pepper. Garnish with micro greens. Alternately, you can set out a plate of anchovies, sprinkle it with minced pleasures, and let your guests fight over the Mascarpone and mustard. Serve with gusto and red wine or champagne.

Last Glimpse of 2010, Fishtown
The Blue Cheese Brit, lighting the way for cheese lovers everywhere


  1. LOVE this image of the "three kings"!

  2. You are so inventive, and what a cool party. White anchovies, yeah! Mascarpone! (Crave Brothers of Wisconsin makes a terrific mascarpone.) Cheers to you and Monsieur Fromage in the new year!