Friday, December 31, 2010

My Last Bite of Renata

This is me, eating Sally Jackson cheese – yesterday. That’s right, yesterday. This is the same cheese that was recalled by the FDA earlier this month, putting cheese pioneer Sally Jackson out of business. I got my order in right under the wire, a lucky thing because I’ve been able to share this last wheel of Renata -- made from a single cow of the same name -- with friends and family throughout the holidays.

We have never been happier and healthier. More on the E. coli/raw milk debacle next week. (The evidence against Jackson reads like a ridiculous egg hunt; no one who got sick even remembers eating Sally Jackson cheese, according to The Oregonian.) But for now, happy New Year to cheese lovers everywhere!

And to Renata the cow and Sally Jackson: Many thanks for years of delicious cheese.


  1. That is too sad. Damn food police!!!!!!

  2. I there a black market for cheese???

  3. So, now that you have shown off the a wedge you can spare to this li'l mouse?