Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cheesemonger Interview: Ian Peacock

*This post is part of a series I write as a paid guest-blogger for Di Bruno Bros.

Years at Di Bruno Bros.: 4

Hometown: Metuchen, New Jersey

How he got into cheese: I’m a carpenter by trade, but I’ve always sidelined in food -- I’ve worked as a fishmonger, a bartender. In early 2007, I walked into Di Bruno Bros. one day, and I haven’t left since. I like that there’s a vast amount of knowledge to master, kind of like working in historic restoration.

Cheese of the Moment: I’m really digging Marco Polo. It’s hard to find really well-made, delicious cheeses that have stuff in them. Marco Polo has green and black Madagascar peppercorns in Beecher’s cheddar. Otherwise, Fiore Sardo, is my favorite. That’s the one I have tattooed on my chest.

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