Friday, December 24, 2010

Three Great Snacking Cheeses

Grana Padano goes with pasta or a stiff drink

When I’m playing dervish in the kitchen, I like to set out a snacking cheese. A little nibble for me, a little nosh for any guests who might be lingering. In my mind, a good snacking cheese must be so full of flavor that it doesn’t need any jewelry – well, maybe a few grapes. But it should stand on its own. And it should dazzle, bite after bite.

I’ve written about most of these before, but I return to them. They live with me. They are my go-to snacking cheeses. And the best part? You should be able to find them at any decent cheese counter – from Whole Foods to your local fromagerie.

Bon appétit and happy holidays! Let me know if you have any snacking faves.

Midnight Moon (nutty, sweet, addictive)
A clothbound cheddar (Keen's, Montgomery, or Cabot)
Grana Padano (sweet, salty, boisterous)


  1. Mmm Grana Padano is a total fave!

  2. Sapore del Piave is a good snacking cheese too. :)I'm gonna try Midnight Moon.

  3. Lakisha, I know your weakness now! I will have to try some Sapore del Piave ASAP.

  4. You never fail to bring an extra bit of light in my day. I check your blog religiously and you always deliver. Happy Holidays and thank you for all that you share. Tonight I will enjoy a sliver of balsamic washed pecornio and toast some bubbly in your honor.

  5. Love the suggestions! Also, great updated header and About Me section. Love your blog.

  6. Haha T, cheese kryptonite!!