Saturday, September 4, 2010

Food-Blog Stalking

In honor of Labor Day, it just makes sense to point out the good work of several bloggers whose work inspires. Used to be I flipped through cookbooks before bed, now I've become a fan of the digital nightcap. Here are a few food blogs I adore this second, oh this very hot second:

Here's a guy who makes cheese in his Brooklyn kitchen and ages it in a storage space. If you've ever dreamed of making Epoisses in your closet, this blog is your new inspiring to read for anyone with a musty basement.

Never mind that the ingredients are listed in grams, this beautiful food blog makes me want to make “set goat’s milk pudding." The pics here are gorgeous. Even the Malted Prune Loaf looks sexy.
Here I am, drooling over beef fat and Buddha’s Hand lemons, and could I be happier? Non, decidedly non. This recent spin-off from New York Times Mag -- my greatest still-in-print indulgence -- is all about ingredients. How to use them, who is using them…excuse me while I ransack my spice drawer to make room for Vadouvan.

Food News Journal
So it’s not a blog -- more like an aggregator of food articles 'n particles with some blog posts thrown in. I read it every morning as I take my vitamins.

A new Philadelphia food blog with an emphasis on local eating in North Philly. When I feel grouchy, I just look at the post on grilled peaches with goat cheese.

Di Bruno Bros. Blog
The site I write for on Wednesdays just got a lift. The new design looks grand, and the posts about last week's American Cheese Society conference are a must-read for anyone who dreams of cheese travel. They're written by Hunter Fike, marvelous writer and cheesemonger.


  1. Tenaya,
    Thank you so much for acknowledging us. I hope we continue to brighten your days:)

  2. I adore Hunter's blog! His description of the art of food and the devouring process is one of my guilty pleasures.