Friday, September 24, 2010

Midnight Moon: A Class Tasting

I love introducing The Unsuspecting to goat cheese. Yesterday, I brought this minor miracle into my Food Writing class – a group of curious but tentative college juniors and seniors. I knew they’d buddy up to this hunk because it looks like a cheddar, and who can resist a cheese wrapped in black wax? They sniffed it, savored the first bite, then returned for more. That’s the magic of Midnight Moon – it’s lovable. A perfect first kiss.

“I want to melt it,” one student murmured.

“I keep thinking of Chicken Parm,” said another.

Well, my goslings were onto something. Midnight Moon has the fruity smell of really good Parmigiano and the buttery texture of quality cheddar – ideal for baking, especially a revved-up mac'n cheese. It's bold without being sharp, sweet without being cloying, and not the least bit sour.

They’re eating goat cheese, I kept thinking. Will they be horrified?

I know what my students eat. Lean Cuisine. Granola bars. Kraft Singles. A few weeks ago, our class logged every meal for seven days so that we could take stock of the typical college diet: processed food, almost entirely. No one logged any goat cheese.

So, after yesterday's tasting, I told them, “You have just eaten aged goat cheese from Cypress Grove Dairy.” There were a few perplexed smiles. Then someone nabbed the last bite.

Goodnight, Moon. Right?

If you're interested in following what our class is up to, you can check out our class blog, Ramen Holiday. I've posted the syllabus and a few photos from our recent field trips to Reading Terminal Market and the seasonal French BYO in Bala Cynwyd, Avril.

Next week, maybe I'll bring in another Cypress Grove cheese to sample with my students. Humboldt Fog, perhaps. Or will they fall for the favorite of last semester's Food Writing class: Purple Haze?


  1. OMG, why did my college not offer a course like this? Shoot, more students would have graduated---or in the very least, shown up to class. (Free food? People always show up LOL.)

    Goodness though, the processed biz going on at colleges really is sickening. Afterwards, I swear, you go through withdrawals. That stuff is about as addictive as cigarettes.

    Hopefully some of these students write for the school's paper and will cover topics like this, maybe inspire some change in the college's food scene.

    Summers pretty much over, can't wait to see what droolworthy cheese you'll be blogging about for Fall.


  2. I loved this entry! I am a full blown goat-girl so I found this super interesting. Midnight moon was a perfect choice. I can't wait to hear about Cypress Grove. My vote is Humboldt all the way...that was my first goat cheese!!!

  3. I always wish I had a list of all the cheeses you recommend whenever I visit the cheese counter at Whole Foods or Wegman's. I can never remember the names of any of the goodies you suggest and always end up getting the same thing -- Fleur Vert, which is good but I need to try something new.

    Great post as usual. Wish I could take your class.

  4. so I should have searched first, commented next.

    great notes. I concur on all so far, esp the buttery texture. l'amour!

    glad I eenie meenie miney moe'd it at the cheese case.
    -best, C+R