Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wensleydale: A British Classic

Besides being a star in Wallace & Gromit cartoons, Wensleydale has a great story. It’s made by a single creamery in Yorkshire, England that relies on a recipe from twelfth-century Cistercian monks. Production has been up and down over the years, but right now there are gorgeous wheels to be had, making this mild, toothsome cheese the Clothbound Must-Have of the moment.

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Full disclosure: This post is part of a paid series I write for Di Bruno Bros., one of my fave cheese haunts in Philly. I choose the topic, and the posts run on the store's blog (


  1. This looks amazing on the plums! I can't wait to read about your fall cheeses too. I'm swinging by a shop tonight to pick up a sheep's milk cheese...any thoughts on these?

    Ewephoria, Pondhopper or Vintage Reserve? I'm thinking of pairing it with dried beef.

  2. Ooo, Cass, tell me what you end up picking up. I know of Ewephoria, but not the other two.