Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ginepro: Cheese and...gin

As much as I like beer and wine, I am a cocktail person. I have a thing for fizzes and rickeys. Don’t hold it against me. If I had the choice between a gin’n tonic or a big smiley Cab, I’d go for the gin – there, now I’ve come clean. Can we move on?

Good, because I need to tell you about my Ginepro problem. I have some in the fridge, and I can’t stop sniffing it. It smells like, well, a gin’n tonic – faintly, of course, but it’s there. I have found a cheese that smells like my favorite cocktail, which means, in my head, summer has begun. To continue reading, please visit the Di Bruno Blog.

Full disclosure: This post is part of a paid series I write for Di Bruno Bros. every other Wednesday.

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