Friday, February 18, 2011

Madame Fromage's Mission?

I've been working on a mission statement. I thought I'd run it by you. Any suggestions, my darlings?

Hi, I'm Tenaya Darlington. I started this blog in 2009 to document my love affair with strong cheese. My goal is to help the dairy curious become more adventurous. Ever tried Stichelton? It's one of my faves.

I'm obsessed with photographing cheese, meeting dairy farmers, interviewing cheesemongers, pairing cheese, and introducing my friends to new bold beauties. I'm on the faculty at Saint Joseph's University, where Food Writing is my most popular class. Before I moved to Philadelphia, I was the Features Editor at Isthmus Newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin. There, I learned about the beauty of artisanal foods.

This blog has helped me find community in a city that once appeared vast to me. In my neighborhood, I host monthly tastings at Quince, a local cheese shop. I also write a "Local Cheese" column for Grid Magazine. Best of all, I blog biweekly for the city's largest cheese counter, Di Bruno Bros. They pay me to write about cheese!

The name "Madame Fromage" was inspired by a poetry collection I wrote in 2000, calledMadame Deluxe. I loved wearing velvet gloves to my readings. I couldn't retire them. So, Madame rose again. I also have a novel, Maybe Baby. Alas, neither book mentions cheese.

My blog is designed to be a gateway into dairy lovin' and dairy literacy. I hope you feel welcome here. If you have a question, feel free to drop me a line. If you like what you see, you can find Madame Fromage on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter (mmefromage is my handle).

Thanks for your curiosity.


  1. I could discuss this mission statement with you all day. Let's chat back at school - or over some of Ida Mae's french toast.

  2. I'm up for an all-day mission chat...I think? As long as their are courses (as in dishes) involved.

  3. I love your mission statement - I would even say "I dair-y you not to love this blog!" sorry, it just came to me:) I love reading your blog because I always learn something and, or course, I adore cheese. I just changed the whole look of blog too - it is fun but slightly nerve wracking too:) Stop y if you get a chance. I have to go find a big wedge of Stichelton now - YUM!

  4. And you have brought untold joy and cheesey opportunities to cheese lovers like myself. Quince wouldn't even be on my radar if not for you. :)