Monday, October 25, 2010

Goat's Milk in My Tea

Before you guffaw, let me tell you a wee story. Several weeks ago, Monsieur Fromage bought me a cup of coffee in the rain. We were at a farmers’ market, and I had taken cover under a shop awning while he ran to the local roaster. When he returned with a steaming cup, the coffee tasted unusually good. Maybe it was the rain. Maybe it was this particular roaster’s beans. But when I mewled and called it the best coffee I’d ever tasted, Monsieur Fromage gave me a wry smile.

“You like that?” he asked, “I added goat’s milk.”

“No!” I accused him. 

I took another sip. The coffee was rich and complex with the most wonderful mouthfeel. Was this possible? Was goat’s milk the secret to dreamy, creamy coffee?

So, last week when we ran out of milk, I trotted off to the Fair Food Farmstand in Reading Terminal Market and when I reached the cooler, I noticed a small bottle of raw goat’s milk for sale. Why not? I thought. I’ll try this instead.

Buying that bottle of goat's milk has inspired me to try it all kinds of ways -- in coffee, in smoothies. The best combination I've found is to add goat's milk to a wintery black tea. I’m partial to Cozy Almond, a Sri Lankan black that contains actual toasted almonds. With a slosh of goat’s milk, that cup of tea is just lovely.

Who can I thank but Monsieur Fromage who knows that I love goat cheese almost above all else? Almost. That’s the key.

If there are other lovers of goat's milk out there, give a bleat. I'd love to hear about any combinations that you enjoy. 


  1. I've done an all-goat mac and cheese in the past. I use a combination of chevre, hard goat cheese and goat's milk (for the roux). It's amazing stuff. It also makes a very tasty and sophisticated rice pudding.

  2. Goat's milk yogurt as the base for a creamy pasta sauce.

  3. I had raw goat milk for the first time while visiting a local dairy - can't believe you can buy it retail!?! Way not the norm here.

  4. Goats' milk makes really creamy sauces in everything sweet/savory, from cups of tea/coffee to rice pudding and custard to pasta sauces.

    Sounds weird but it's also non-mucous forming so when you drink it, it's a really clean taste in your mouth and it's so digestible (lower in cholesterol too!)

  5. Wow, thanks for all the great feedback, everybody!

  6. t - i drank goat's milk in my coffee all the time when i had it delivered to my door in poland. makes for a richer complex brew. yum. think i might try that goat mac n cheese!