Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue Cheese Shout-Outs

Photo Credit: Albert Yee

And so the month of blues comes to an end...almost, but not quite. Let's linger, shall we? Today, I want to pay homage to several bloggers who have furthered the blue cheese cause with posts on the subject.

The above photo comes from Albert Yee, one half of the Messy and Picky team (the other half is Albert's wife, Kate). Albert is a professional photo snappper, who traffics in dairy at the Fair Food Farmstand. His photograph of Incanestro (above) with its surly rind and pearly insides inspired me to run out and buy a wedge. That beautiful rind comes from basket-aging -- the cheese is literally set into a basket and left to ripen in the reeds. Incanestro tastes like pork belly. It really does.
Photo Credit: Albert Yee

Kristin Jackson blogs about cheese from the West Coast, and her site is one of my favorites -- beautiful photos, vivid writing. Earlier this month, she put up a special post about Roquefort. I don't recognize the maker, Jean D'Alos, but now I am on a mission to find it, taste it, serve it, slather it on figs. Her photograph makes my heart grieve for it.

Photo Credit: Kristin Jackson
Loulou lives in southern France, where she blogs about her quest to eat every French cheese. Ohhh...the yearning. Her post about Bleu des Causses piqued my curiosity. I've never heard of this Roquefort relation, made from cow's milk instead of the more traditional sheep's milk. Still, it looks buttery and tender.
Photo Credit: Chez Loulou
Marisa McClellan brought my attention to the blue cheese savory, a thumbprint cookies filled with jam -- the recipe has floated from blog to blog, so it feels somehow crucial to mention it here. And perhaps to make a batch soon, before the weather warms and all anyone wants is a daquiri? Check out Deena Prichep's site, Mostly Foodstuffs, for the recipe.

Photo Credit: Deena Prichep

And, he's not a blogger, but I have to post this breathtaking image of Strathdon Blue, painted by Mike Geno. This piece will appear as part of his June cheese show at the Seattle Gallery, Cakespy.

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