Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Blues. Not.

Bloo Suede Moo

When I get nervous, I buy cheese. Take this morning: I am on the train, dressed in cashmier and cowboy boots on my way to see the dean about my tenure. In other words, I am riding toward fate. Will I continue teaching at my job forever, or will I be dismissed like a pool of whey?

Panic sets in as I am about to switch trains, so I catch an escalator up to my favorite market, Reading Terminal, and resolve to tour the cheese counters for half an hour. There are snow caps of downy La Tur, logs of ashy goat, wheels of Gouda the size of tree stumps. Beautiful.

I stop in to see my friends Albert and Paul at the Farmstand, and soon I am laughing. There they are, in their aprons, talking up the newest batch of Washington’s Crossing. Paul sets down his cleaver, and Albert fans out some toothpicks, and the day stops as we share a moment of microbial reverie.

Afterwards, I bought 2 cheeses and went on my way. Off to my meeting, the guillotine or good news. The interlude was just what I needed, a reminder of something essential: that cheese breeds more than bacteria. It also builds good will.

I carried two cheeses in with me to see the dean. A local Banon and a hunk of Washington’s Crossing, a feisty cheese with butterscotch notes. The news was good. I left him with the bag of party favors to enjoy later.

Washington's Crossing (PA)

Then I went out for a martini with my friend and colleague, Brother Epoisses. It has been a good day, but it has also been a day without blues, and I promised you a full month of blue cheese for March.

So tomorrow it begins, the Blue Cheese Invitational. I have things to tell you and people for you to meet. Let the rumpus begin. 

In the meantime...

Observe Microbes
Take a look at the stunning photos of cheese microbes by rind researcher Rachel Dutton; they're posted on the Culture website, and they capture today's mood. 

Send Pizza
If you, like me, are also obsessed with following the protests in Madison, WI, consider sending a cheese pizza from Ian's. My old friend Ian makes the best pizza, and he's been all over the news (NYT, Huff Post) for delivering thousands of pizzas to frazzled protestors, like my brother Andre and good friend Wendy. Stay strong, Dairyland!


  1. Oh hurray! I am so thrilled for you!

  2. Whoot, whoot, whoot, Tenaya!

  3. Love the link to cheese microbes - nothing like a good 16 streak! Congrats on the splendid news love!

  4. Congrats, love!

  5. Congratulations on the tenure!

  6. Go Tenaya! Go Tenaya! Congrats. :)

  7. Congratulations lovely! And hurray for doing it in style.

  8. Congrats. And I love the blue suede moo picture.

  9. Thanks, everybody. Your comments are so appreciated.

  10. oh wow. yes, echo all those. see what a harbinger of all good things cheese can be?