Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 5: Lipton Family Cheese Tasting

Today's segment of the Blue Cheese Invitational features a special taster. We'll call her La Petite Fromage.

La Petite Fromage and her family answered my call to enjoy blue cheese for the month of March, and they sent me the following report from their Chester County cheese nest.

"I chose a variety of blues across geography, texture, and milk source," writes Amy Lipton, a.k.a. Mama Fromage. "We (Husband Nick, 7-year-old Petite Fromage, Grandma Sylvia, and me) abandoned any pretense of dinner and just gathered around the cheese plate with crackers and knives."

Saint Agur, Cambozola, Valdeon, Ewe's Blue

The Lipton's voted for their favorite -- by secret ballot, one assumes. And the winner is…

Mama Fromage explains, "We liked its firm and chalky texture, sharp flavor (“It must be an old sheep!”), saltiness, and strong blue flavor – that single vein of blueness packed a real punch!"

"The lone dissenter was Petite Fromage," adds Mama Fromage. "She preferred the St. Agur, citing its smooth texture and tanginess. The Cambozola, though creamy and yummy, was pronounced not blue enough. Oh, and dessert was Gorgonzola Dolce on wheat crackers with a drizzle of honey. A good time was had by all!"

I stand by La Petite Fromage.

What a savvy child. As for tales of cheese and children, there's rumor of a strong-cheese-loving baby on my street. I am standing by for confirmation. Perhaps Saint Agur will be the cheese of choice for tweens and toddlers.

Who said kids don't have taste? Many thanks to the Liptons for joining the Blue Cheese Invitational. Madame Fromage blows you bluesy kisses.


  1. My word. Saint Agur is winning the Blue Cheese Invitational, hands down. And thanks for introducing the world to La Petite Fromage!

  2. So great to make it a family affair. Kids who eat blue cheese are extra special!