Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Blues Redux

I always like the last weekend of the month -- somehow I feel change in the air, and it inspires me to count my blessings. March has been a good month, for all its gray skies and international disasters. The urban farm down the street started selling seeds this weekend, and we bought our first packet of Easter Egg radishes -- I love to eat those ruby-pink heart-throbs with a little rice vinegar and sea salt.

All weekend, little surprises have appeared.

This morning, a new friend dropped by with lemons from a family tree in Florida. I love how earthy and bulbous they look, compared to the waxy ones you find at the store -- I can't wait to pack these in salt to cure. I'll use the brine for Bloody Mary's and grill slices of brined lemons alongside fish.

And last night, an old friend stopped through town for dinner, on his way home from hanging a gallery show. We threw together a spontaneous late-nite cheese party with a few treasures from yesterday's cheese-and-beer tasting at Quince.

The tasting was especially delightful, in part due to Joel Armato (below), who brought such good beer in from Michigan's New Holland Brewery. Our Dragon's Milk and Beemster Gouda pairing was a hit, and there were so many new faces -- many of them secret friends from this blog, cheese lovers I had never met. Stephanie and Robin, I love knowing you are out there!

So, even though I set out to make March all about blues, I'm feeling rather light pink, more in the mood for some Oma or salty feta than the dark wedge lurking in the shadows of my fridge for the last post of the month -- a blue that imparts crustiness and scorn.

You'll meet it soon. Until then, I hope you are sitting near a sun-drenched window, sipping tea, counting your lucky stars and new friends, too.


  1. Again, such a great event! But tell me, do you agree that Joel Armato is a doppelganger for Paul Lawler?

  2. We need to get you a sparkling pink, off-dry Bugey to drink with your blues, stat. The invitational must go on. xo

  3. I had so much fun! it was wonderful meeting you and I hope to see you again soon.