Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheese Roulette

Thanks for all the kind comments, kittens. You know how to make a grrrl feel luvvved. Amy Strauss of the blog Apples and Cheese, Please won herself a stink-a-versary hunk of cheese by participating in my little game of cheese roulette, and I'll be sending her a wedge of Prima Donna (pictured above) shortly.

I wrote about Prima Donna last July, when my friend Joe brought over this little picnic of goodness. It was the first time I'd ever tried this toffee-like, gouda-esque dream child. Now it's my steady party cheese because people always go ga-ga over it. It's dense and full of those little crystals that pop on your tongue -- they're lactic acid crystals, the sign of a well-aged cheese -- and they release a salty sweetness that is so pleasing.

Cheers to Amy! I'm delighted that someone with a whisk tattooed on her foot won my first contest -- seems like a lucky sign.


  1. yay on the cheese front for the apples and cheese, please lass !

  2. Yes! I'm the luckiest girl ever (okay, not really, but for this, sure am)! Quite honored to win your contest and am so excited to sample-and-enjoy the Prima Donna!

    THANK YOU, so kindly.

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