Thursday, April 15, 2010


Loved ones, this Sunday will mark one year of blogging for yours truly. To celebrate, I’m going to make grilled cheese sandwiches for all my neighbors, and I’m going send one of you a hunka cheese.

That’s right. Respond to this post and tell me about a fave cheese, and I’ll send you a wedge of any cheese that I’ve written about in the last year. You pick.

On Sunday night at 7 p.m. (EST), I’ll randomly choose a number out of a wool beret, and the corresponding commentator will get a dream box in the mail. The only hitch is that you must live in the U.S.

In the meantime, thanks for keeping a grrrl inspired. I love writing about cheese, and I look forward to eating a lot more stinkers in the near future.

Note: this is not a gimmick or a promo for a cheese company. It’s just little ol’ me; I’ll buy the cheese, pack it in a box, kiss it good-bye. Maybe we’ll become pen pals.


  1. As a relatively new addition to your readership (two months or so), I feel a tad bit guilty putting my name in. Fortunately I have overcome my guilty feelings with desire. I would love a wedge of the Montenebro that you wrote about on the 19th of March.

    My name is Ryan Steele, you can get in contact with me at

    Thanks for writing!

  2. There's really only one cheese that I fell in love with that you haven't mentioned on this list. It is also one that I still haven't seen on any other list. Joyeux. But all of the cheeses I've tried from here are now among Ann and my favorites. The cloth bound cheddar, the birch run blue, and of course, Humbolt Fog. If you pull my name from the hat, you can choose the cheese. It only seems right.

  3. I and my poor roommate (who I've shanghai-ed into my cheese addiction) have been long time lurkers of your blog and we got pretty excited when we saw this. My favorite cheese is generally Abbaye de Belloc but this past month, I've been absolutely loving Cana de Oveja so it's kind of a toss up between the two. My roommate has a love affair with Gruyere de Comte. We were pretty torn about what cheese we most wanted to try but we finally decided on La Serena because it just sounded so interesting. Congratulations on your blogging awesomeness.

  4. Since reading about it on your blog, I've fallen in love with Bohemian Blue - its pure bliss!

  5. Love your blog -- in particular when you talk about cheese/beverage pairings and events. And I loved the Sartori BellaVitano (which you didn't), although I had the Raspberry one (which is soaked in Raspberry Ale) and I'm not sure you had that one. But if you don't want to send that one, I'd be thrilled to receive anything that you'd like to share -- just another opportunity to try something new.

  6. So excited about the prospect of winning a little slice of the Black River gorgonzola you'd raved about earlier this year. Looks so delicious, I just had to throw my hat into the ring!

  7. Also feel bad about posting, because I'm relatively new to lurking around your awesome blog, but i love cheese and sharing love for cheese! So my fave is Tomme Crayeuse, but I also love blues-- fave at the moment is Bayley Hazen Blue, but it changes a lot.

    Happy anniversary!

  8. I found your blog as a fellow cheese lover - I wish I lived closer so I could come to your tastings! Cheese makes life so much better :)

  9. Oh boy, Happy Cheesy Anniversary!

    Pin-pointing a favorite cheese seems like an overwhelming feat for me for I adore so many. However, my most gush-worthy at the moment is Chester Springs' Yellow Springs' Farm's Nutcracker (black walnut goat cheese) = pure bliss.

    I'd be the luckiest girl if I could gore on your previously-mentioned wedges of Prima Donna or Monte Cabra!

    Also, been dying to try your recipe for Gouda + Green Apple Pizza, I must soon!

  10. I'm happy to help you celebrate. Congratulations!

    So lovely to have met you Live And In Person, madame, at your cheesetasting earlier tonight.

    Remember my two suggestions about: a) promoting your novel on your blog, and b) doing a private food writing course. And now here's another: Go to and add that application to your blog (it's really easy). You'll get a better idea of what's going on with your site traffic-wise, and I guarantee you're in for a pleaseant surprise.

    Now for my favorite cheese. It's the barolo drunken cheese (testun=headstrong) I told you about but second to that is a good aged cave guyere; it's never ever wrong.

    All the best to you. I'll be back.

  11. Agreed Susie, a pleasant tasting in a cozy setting - good show Madame!
    Well so hard to choose among cheeses
    (imagine choosing a favorite child) but I must throw my ring in at the chance. Keen's Cheddar would be amazing. Keen's is my "desert island " with sublime flavour and perfect with a slow drinkin' session ale or a rich cabernet sauvignon and a hunk of hearty bread. This is the Cheddar of cheddars in my book, made to rigorous standards by a family who care deeply for their cows and take their cheese seriously.

  12. Happy cheeseversary, Madame F. ! I remember when you told me about this blog with great description fo the blue velvet glove when we were at teh Harmony during last year's visit. This blog has been a hedonistic delight!!

    I've tried so many divine, moan-worthy cheeses at parties and at home this year. Many I didn't even know the name of; in-the-moment deliciousness. One stand out was a beautiful, simple, very fresh chevre (at Delia's wedding) made from the milk of the bride & groom's goats in NC. Everything else has bene all over the map, including a Guiness infused white cheddar. We'd be so happy to receive a surprise wedge of the cheese of your choice! I'll email our address.

    This is an amazing, generous offer, btw. Thank you! XOXOXO Lisa Marine

  13. What a great blog! As a former Normandie resident and stinky cheese convert, I am seriously intrigued by the Epoisses. Anytime monks are involved in food production, I want a taste... Felicitations, Madame Fromage!

    Adrienne Trapani
    Salmon, Idaho

  14. Happy stink-a-versary, dahlink! Love the blog, love that we met ages ago and have since both become fromage aficionados. Congrats and looking forward to more recommendations and musings. My rec for you at the moment is a nice mountain stinker with plenty of nut and grit, the wonderful Hoch Ybrig.

  15. Happy Anniversary and felicitations on your fabulous blog! My fave is Purple Haze. It's all in my brain, Madame. Fragrant, delicate lavender, yet cheesy and lemony with a hint of the Glycyrrhiza glabra. Hardly a stinker but so hard to resist. I Would love to try Humboldt Fog.

  16. Well I'm late but I still want to say that my fave cheese so far St. Agur blue. Tangy, spicy and moldy. Yum. I'd like to try the Hooligan, but it looks like I'll have to buy it myself. :)

  17. Winner is Amy Marie! Thanks for all your really nice comments, everybody. It's been a great blogaversary.